Senior Leadership Potential and Capability

To uncover the talent you have, you need to know where your business is headed, your pipeline's strengths, capabilities and potential for future executive roles. Drawing on Success profiles of senior leaders in a variety of industries, we provide world-class assessment to understand how to develop your talent for more complex roles.

Below are the assessments we offer:

Korn Ferry Leadership Solution

To confidently and accurately identify the successful leaders of the future, organizations must have a complete talent picture of the person as a whole – not just a snapshot of his or her job performance today.

The assessment provides organizations with the ability to objectively and accurately identify talent with high leadership potential. This easy-to-use, comprehensive assessment uses research to determine and measure leadership potential, traits, drivers and Risk Factors.

Learning Agility. is a top predictor of high potential:

It is estimated that just 15% of the global workforce are highly agile. This assessment helps you identify and develop this crucial growth attribute.

Korn Ferry found companies with highly agile executives have 25% higher profit margins than their peer group. *Korn Ferry Institute study, 2014

Executives with high levels of learning agility, tolerance for ambiguity, empathy and social fluidity are five times more likely to be highly engaged.

Business results in todays world requires leaders who are able to solve complex problems, easily adapt in a constantly changing world and thrive on change will position their organizations for success. This requires you need leaders with high learning agility to build your leadership pipeline

Individuals with high learning agility are promoted twice as fast as individuals with low learning agility. *Korn Ferry Institute study, 2014

Learning Agility measures a five-factor model that includes mental agility, change agility, people agility, results agility, and self-awareness. This research-based, time-tested methodology paints a complete picture of how to develop your talent

The Hogan Leadership Forecast Series

Provides leaders with the information they need to understand their capabilities, improve their challenges, and advance their career. This personality assessment walks you through three reports that help you understand your personality and how it applies to a leadership role. By completing the Leadership Forecast Series, you’ll be able to grow professionally and enhance your ability to build and lead a team.

The Hogan Leadership Forecast Series Reports includes three reports in total.

The Values Report:

This report investigates the values and goals that drive your behaviors and are the driving force behind the culture you create as a leader. This portion of the assessment is based on the idea that what you value determines how you will lead

The Potential Report:

This report uses seven components of a typical personality to help you learn about your leadership style strengths, including behavioral descriptions, leadership competencies, and development recommendations

The Challenge Report:

This report details how a leader manages his or her team while operating under pressure. By using the Challenge Report, you can identify behaviors that could be stressors under pressure and may detract from your leadership success

Leadership Assessments will be shared through a process of a 60-minute coaching debrief with an executive coach to provide valuable insight and opportunity to enhance leadership and a second session to provide personalized guidance, creation of development actions and helpful strategies for continued growth.