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We are passionate and driven to empower senior leaders to achieve their aspirations and goals with our uniquely inspiring executive coaching services. Whether you have a leader taking on a new role, a leader who needs to elevate executive leadership skills or a high potential talent preparing for next levels our customized executive coaching can be a great benefit to help them thrive and attain next levels.

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CEO and Senior Leader Executive Coaching​

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We provide executive coaching to provide insight, understanding and capability development to ensure your success in role, through:

High Potential Coaching: Building Leadership Strength for the Next Level

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Our high potential coaching develops the influence and skills needed to get to the next level or position through:

Onboarding New Leaders

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This process includes:

Strengthening Executive Leadership Capability

Executive Coaching to broaden a specific skill or capability.

Success Leaders has often been called to assist senior leaders develop key strengths to enable them to flex their style and be even more effective in executive leadership. Areas of opportunity have included:

Success Leaders Case Studies:

Financial Service Organization Executive with Law Firm Background grew leadership skills in environment of underlining mistakes, billing for each moment and no time for social interaction. To build understanding of Financial Service corporate culture, leader learned to make time for team members, utilize informal communication and discussions, obtain executive leadership buy-in of key constituents for influence and was promoted to Senior Vice President within one year.

Pharmaceutical Industry executive was seen as very smart and effective as an individual contributor, but not seen as an effective leader and motivator. With Success Leaders coaching, executive learned to communicate with presence and passion, took the time to motivate others through vision, rather than expertise and to be seen as a key contributor to strategic Senior Leadership discussions.

Consumer Goods Executive Leadership was perceived to have an overly aggressive style that was not viewed as collaborative and was considered a potential derailer for a highly talented leader. With coaching, 360 feedback from key team members and discussion of “successful and effective” behaviors, executive learned to modify behaviors to be seen as collaborative team-player who adds tremendous value to senior leadership team and has been promoted three times in the last two years.

Cultural Development

With Success Leaders, you can learn how to utilize your cultural background and experience to boost your organization’s effectiveness and achieve success in your current working country.

Cultural Development Questions to Ask:

Success Leaders works with senior leaders in North America, Europe, and Asia Pacific to help them recognize their strengths, as well as the challenges they face in their current environments. Our unique Cultural  Development program helps senior leaders located anywhere in the world build the know-how and savvy needed to excel in the culture they are working in.

Success Leaders Case Studies:

French National working in Asia was seen as overly aggressive and impolite, learned to adapt to the culture, slow down, take the time to mentor and develop others and over-communicate to enhance an image of team-player and collaborator

Asian National working in New York was seen as too collaborative and did not demonstrate enough leadership presence to challenge, share opinions and be considered for next level role. Through coaching, leader learned to communicate with impact, share their views with senior management, keep others informed and build a network of influence

Leadership Programs

We design and deliver customized and highly impactful leadership development training to meets the needs of our many client organizations. After discussing your requirements, we conduct a needs analysis and align with you on the most appropriate and results-oriented training plan.

Our leadership programs:

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