Five Strategies For Getting Women Into Senior-Level Roles

Women and men enter the workforce in about equal numbers, but women’s representation drops dramatically in middle management and senior levels. Research by Catalyst found that women in S&P 500 companies represent 36.5% of mid-level roles and only 26.5% of executive and senior roles.

15 Key Steps Leaders Can Take To Ensure The Success Of Team-Building Activities

Team-building activities are valuable tools for fostering collaboration, communication and trust among team members. However, not all team-building activities are created equal. To be successful, any team-building exercise must have certain key components in place. Below, members of Forbes Coaches Council share some of the most critical steps leaders need to take when designing and implementing team-building […]

15 Ways Leaders Can More Effectively Manage Gen-Z Workers

People from different generations tend to have distinct views on the world of work. Generation-Z employees, in particular, might not share the same mindset as their Baby Boomer, Gen-X or even Millennial counterparts. As Gen-Z employees enter and advance through the workforce, it’s critical for business leaders to understand this generation’s experiences and motivations. Here, […]

Assessing Leaders: What to Look for in Developing Our Leaders and Teams

Rochelle Cooper was recently asked to lead Assessing Leaders, a webinar run by The Conference Board on October 25th, 2017. Covering new tools of assessment, Rochelle tackled less tangible skills such as executive presence, leadership potential, and high performing teams. By exploring what you can measure, and how you can measure it, Rochelle also detailed […]

HBA: Wired for Wellness – Tuesday, April 24

Join Success Leaders Founder Rochelle Cooper on Tuesday, April 24! Rochelle will moderate an exciting panel for Executive Women in the pharmaceutical industry. Wired for Wellness takes place at Sanofi in Bridgewater, NJ so don’t miss out. This panel will include leadership expertise in resilience, executive challenge, and neuro-leadership. Listen as Rochelle Cooper guides them through a […]

12 Techniques For Fostering Two-Way Trust With Employees

Establishing two-way trust between employees and leaders can be an elusive goal, but it is essential for growing a successful and sustainable business.  Mutual trust allows managers to drive their teams to accomplish more without alienating them. Employees feel more motivated to perform at high levels when they know their leaders believe in their capabilities […]

13 Clever ‘Hacks’ To Adopt A More Optimistic Mindset

If you always view the glass as half-empty and find it difficult to see the positives in your daily life, pessimism may be holding you back from achieving all that you want to. A negative mindset can be detrimental not only to your mental health, but also to the decisions you’re making about your future. […]

Leading A Business? Get Organized In These 16 Key Areas

A successful executive must be able to simultaneously oversee and manage multiple areas of the company. It can be challenging to ensure that all departments are running smoothly and receive the focus they need, especially since some areas require more time and attention than others. However, it’s important to get organized and optimize your processes […]