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Need an expert partner to enable your leaders to transform their leadership skills and mindsets and elevate them to next levels?

Discover how Cooper Management Consulting’s unique approach to executive coaching helps senior leaders increase their leadership effectiveness and impact and successfully accomplish their career goals

“Rochelle’s wisdom is what sets her apart as a coach. She has such a wealth of career experience and life experience, and that’s very valuable to leaders at any level.”


Managing Director and Global Head of Technology & Architecture

Fortune 50 Financial Services Company

“Rochelle has seen a lot of different leaders in a lot of different structures, and she understands what motivates people in various positions. She understands great leadership, and that’s what makes her such a great coach.” 


Vice President of U.S. Medical Affairs for Oncology

Fortune 50 Pharmaceuticals Company


Our executive coaching services empower senior leaders to enhance their leadership effectiveness and achieve their career aspirations through a unique coaching approach that’s centered in stakeholder feedback and proven results.


Our Executive Coaching is designed for:
  • C-Suite and Senior Leaders stepping into new roles
  • High-Potentials preparing for their next level
  • Leaders onboarding into new companies
  • Executive Leaders need to develop new skills
Our unique coaching approach includes:
  • Conducting comprehensive assessment(s) on each leader
  • Obtaining critical stakeholder feedback to inform our direction
  • Creating action plans and achievement metrics to guide our work
  • Enabling implementation of new skills and learning
  • Engaging key stakeholders in leader’s development efforts
  • Continually following up and evaluating leader’s progress
Our results:
  • 93% of our leadership development clients are promoted within one year or given greater responsibility
  • 100% of our leaders in new roles exceed expectations and/or meet all success metrics

Executive coaching that’s as unique as you are

When it comes to leadership, there’s no such thing as a one-size-fits all approach. Every leader has their own unique blend of strengths, skills, challenges, and needs, and is striving to achieve their own unique vision and goals for their career.

That’s why it’s critical to partner with an executive coach who meets you right where you’re at — and knows how to get you to where you want to be.

IAIN WEBB knew how impactful a partner like that could be when he reached out to Cooper Management Consulting’s Founder Rochelle Cooper. Having just started a new role at a Fortune 50 pharmaceuticals company as the Vice President of US Medical Affairs for Oncology, Iain was facing a number of new challenges.

He’d shifted from a global role to a U.S. role, was navigating a company culture and organizational structure that was very different from what he was used to, and was responsible for a team that was eight times larger than his last and not operating effectively together.

Eager to build a strong and positive presence in his new role right from the start, he knew he wanted to work with an executive coach to help him explore and address these challenges.

“I wanted to think through everything I needed to do to establish a good leadership presence, both with my team and with my global counterparts,” Iain said. 

“My team is much larger now; I have 55 reports across a few different levels, including headquarters-based personnel and field-based personnel. I wanted to establish good communication with them and build relationships.

“Also, at this company there needed to be increased awareness of the importance of the U.S. voice in decision-making. I knew I needed a coach to work through these issues with, so I wasn’t thinking about them in isolation.”

ALLA PILTSER, Managing Director and Global Head of Technology & Architecture at a Fortune 50 financial services company, had a different impetus for seeking out an executive coach.

She’d already achieved high levels of senior leadership and was happy in her current position, but she wanted to keep learning and growing as well as explore the next chapter in her career.

“I felt it was important to keep learning because the world is very dynamic,” Alla said. “I had also started to look at the horizon and wanted to think about what the next three to five years might look like in this later stage of my career.”

Both Iain and Alla had experienced Rochelle’s executive coaching while working for other companies, and because of its positive impact, they didn’t hesitate to reach out to her again.

“There had been such tremendous value from learning from Rochelle before, and I knew she was the right coach to help me this time around, too,” Alla said.

For Iain, there were specific reasons he wanted to work with Rochelle.

“First of all, she’s a very clear communicator,” Iain said. “There’s a structure to the way she maps out your needs and the activities that can help you meet those needs, and I knew that structure would make sense in my new role, too.

“I also liked that she’s worked with a lot of leaders across many industries, including pharmaceuticals. I appreciate that she has that broad experience and can take learnings from other industries and apply them to different leadership dynamics and cultures.

“And then there’s her unique approach. She spends a lot of time interviewing your stakeholders, and the interviews she did at my previous company were so thorough and the feedback was so helpful. I definitely wanted her to do those interviews at my new company and have the feedback from my team, my colleagues, and my senior leadership inform our path forward.”

While both Iain and Alla signed up for executive coaching with Cooper Management Consulting, their individual coaching programs looked very different from each other, as each solution is customized to match a leader’s specific needs and wants.

For Alla, that looked like a short series of coaching sessions
that focused on identifying the next “north star” in her career
as well as how to best position, use, and continue to enhance the vast leadership experience she’s accumulated over the years.

For Iain, that looked like a long-term coaching partnership with the following components:

  • In-depth interviews with his critical stakeholders to learn what was expected of him in this new role; what his team was hoping for and needed from his leadership; and what success would look like in the organization
  • An assessment of his strengths so that he knew which ones to take advantage of and which ones could become potential weaknesses
  • A leadership plan for the first six months in his new position
  • Skill development that included building relationships with his team and helping them take ownership over more responsibilities; opening lines of communication with his global counterparts; and building executive presence and influence
  • Situational coaching to discuss specific challenges and situations or the implementation of new skills
  • Continually gathering feedback from his stakeholders to get new insights and track his progress against his goals

Despite having different coaching programs, both Alla and Iain said their results have been significant.

“I was able to create a vision for what’s next for me and feel very confident that I can get there,” Alla said. “That’s one of the best things about working with Rochelle: you truly believe you can achieve your goal.”

“I also gained new perspectives in some key areas. One is that I don’t need to know everything to take on more responsibility and be successful at executing. The other is that I need to be more vocal about sharing my ideas, even if they’re

ultimately not ideas we end up executing on. I have a lot of innovative ideas, and Rochelle helped me see that sharing them demonstrates value and vision, which is just as valuable a strength — if not more so — than my strength of executing.” 

Iain’s results have been impressive, too, especially the progress he’s made in building relationships between departments.

“We’re in a place now where I can have open conversations with some of the other leaders in the organization in order to problem solve,” Iain said. “I also started a workshop series with the global team that’s helping us discover ways to work better together. It’s a process in an organization like this, but we’re making progress.”

He’s also seen results around the way he engages with and leads his team, and credits this to the work he’s done with Rochelle around building executive presence.

“I’ve learned how to communicate with my team members effectively and in a way that’s expected from someone who’s leading a large team,” Iain said. “My leadership style has become more about coaching than managing, and helping my team take ownership over their 

responsibilities and share their expertise. Most of them have really grown as a result of this shift.” 

Both Iain and Alla said that of the executive coaches they’ve worked with in their careers, there are aspects about Rochelle and her company that set them apart — and that any leader who’s looking to enhance their effectiveness and achieve their career goals would benefit from working with her and Cooper Management Consulting. 

“To me, Rochelle’s wisdom is what sets her apart,” Alla said. “There are a lot of coaches who have knowledge, but not a lot who have wisdom. Rochelle has such a wealth of career experience and life experience, and that’s very valuable to leaders at any level, but especially to someone at my leadership level and stage in my career.” 

Iain agreed. 

“Rochelle has worked with thousands of leaders and she understands what motivates people in various positions. She’s always looking for a win for everyone and knows that’s the best way to move change forward. 

She understands great leadership, and that’s what makes her such a great coach.”

To learn how Cooper Management Consulting’s executive coaching services can help you accomplish your leadership goals, visit coopermanagementconsulting.com