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Do you have talented women who could be more impactful and elevated to senior leadership roles?

Discover how Cooper Management Consulting’s Women’s Leadership Programs prepare female leaders for more senior roles with a 93% success rate among program graduates

“Of all the trainings and coaching programs we’ve done in my company, we have never seen results as good as what we saw with Cooper Management Consulting’s Women’s Leadership Program.”


Managing Director and Global Head of Technology & Architecture

Fortune 50 Financial Services Company


Our Women’s Leadership Programs develop and empower female leaders to strive for — and achieve — promotion into more senior leadership roles. We’re especially passionate about increasing the representation of women in senior level roles at Fortune 50 and 100 companies.


Our Women’s Leadership Programs are designed for:
  • Female leaders who want to grow and advance to the most senior levels of leadership
  • Companies that want to increase their representation of women in executive
    ranks and develop more of their high-potential women leaders, readying them
    for more senior roles
Our Women’s Leadership
Programs include:
  • One-on-One Executive Coaching
  • Peer and Individual Coaching
  • High-Potential Women’s Leadership Workshops

Our results:
  • 93% of our program participants have been promoted or got a bigger or broader role within 6-12 months of the program

We’ve been honored to teach our program content in the Women in Leadership Program at Columbia University Business School and Barnard’s Athena Leadership Center.

Women’s leadership development that elevates what’s possible

Unlocking the potential in female leaders is a powerful move for any organization and can result in so many benefits, including enhanced collaboration, increased productivity, and a more supportive workplace culture.

Our Women’s Leadership Programs prepare high potential women leaders with the skills, vision, and confidence to strive for and achieve higher levels of
senior leadership, as well as increases representation of women in senior leadership roles overall.

Alla Piltser, Managing Director and Global Head of Technology & Architecture at a Fortune 50 financial services company, is one female leader who’s been passionate about bringing more women into senior leadership roles for many years, especially in the technology field.

“In my area of infrastructure technology, there aren’t a lot of females to begin with, but definitely not a lot in senior level leadership,” Alla said.
“The ratio is probably 10% female, and maybe even less.”

While working at another Fortune 50 financial institution, Alla was involved in starting a Women in Technology Council to support her organization’s.

female technologists and potentially encourage their advancement into more senior leadership roles.

Alla said that after the Council was formed, they realized that since most of the women in tech had only observed male leadership and been managed by men, specific support and coaching was necessary about how to be an effective female leader.

One of the organization’s senior female leaders recommended Cooper Management Consulting’s Founder Rochelle Cooper as the executive coach to provide that support.

“This leader had a very senior role in the company and had been coached by Rochelle at some point in her career,” Alla said. “She credited Rochelle as the reason she’d gotten to the level she was at. To this day, she’s still one of the most — if not the most — influential women in the company.”

So, the Council reached out to Rochelle and decided to run a women’s leadership pilot program with a small group of their highest potential female leaders.

The program lasted six months and included the following components:

  • Individual executive coaching sessions
  • Leadership assessments that identified each woman’s strengths and areas for growth
  • Interviews with each woman’s key stakeholders and senior leadership
  • Peer coaching sessions
  • Group workshops on topics including Executive Communication & Presence; Building Your Leadership Brand; Creating Your Strategic Network; and Dealing
    with Difficult People
  • Continual checkpoints with the leaders and their stakeholders to track progress
    and measure results
Alla said while all the components were very impactful, it was the stakeholder interviews that made the program especially unique.

“Rochelle spends a lot of time interviewing each participant’s key stakeholders to get in-depth feedback about them, as well as clearly understand what the company is looking for in its leaders,” Alla said.

“That feedback and insight helps her provide coaching and create leadership plans that are very specific to each individual leader, which is ultimately what makes her program so effective and leads to very good results.”

The group workshops were also very valuable in helping the women advance their skills in areas critical for effective leadershipand successful advancement.

“The workshop topics — like how to be seen as a strategic leader, how to deal with conflict, and how to become a strong influencer — are very important

skills to have to advance in your career,” Alla said. “Because of Rochelle’s experience and all the interviews she’s had with senior executives, she knows what characteristics and skills take certain leaders to the next level and which ones keep women in mid-level roles.

“She incorporates these characteristics and skills into her workshops and then reinforces the learning through group discussions and individual coaching.”

At the end of the six-month pilot, all the participants had experienced professional and personal growth and the vast majority of them were promoted or got a role with more responsibility within 6-12 months of the program’s completion.

“The program was extremely effective and we were very impressed with the results,” Alla said. “Of all the trainings and coaching programs we’ve done, we’ve never seen results as strong as what we saw with Cooper Management Consulting’s Women’s Leadership Program.”

“Rochelle has a very high level of competency and experience. She’s worked with a lot of banks and larger organizations, and she’s seen what makes women successful.

“Her program is so powerful because it focuses on each woman individually. She identifies each of their strengths, builds on those strengths, and then provides a specific plan for them to follow to advance in their careers.

“For all the women who went through the program, it’s been a tremendous value — not just for their career growth but for their personal growth as well. I would definitely recommend it.”

Alla appreciated that Rochelle continued to follow up after the program was over to get feedback about the participants’ progress, both from the participants themselves and their senior leadership.

“Continuing to check in after the program is over is extremely important. It creates a network where people start helping and mentoring each other, and key stakeholders and senior leadership feel more invested in the participants’ success, which keeps the female leaders on their radar for possible advancement opportunities.”

The six-month pilot was such a success that over the next eight years the organization had Rochelle run the Women’s Leadership Program with fourteen more cohorts, one of which Alla participated in.

Like the pilot program, over 90% of the program participants achieved promotions, obtained another role with more responsibilities, or — as was the case for Alla — took a higher role at another organization.

Alla said the continual progress and success seen by the women in each cohort comes down to some core strengths that are unique to Rochelle and her approach.

Learn how Cooper Management Consulting’s Women’s Leadership Programs can help your female leaders advance to senior roles, visit coopermanagementconsulting.com

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